Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) is up 80% this month.

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Terra Luna Classic (listed by LUNC) has been making headlines again, but this time for good reason. The crypto coin managed to make a huge recovery (all thanks to new policies and strict measures taken by the team).

Lunch was up 80% in September. If the trend continues, it can reach the fixed price of $0.0005 by the end of the month, if not earlier. The coin’s rise is worth noting, especially since the entire crypto market is in a bearish run and industry leaders like Ethereum and Bitcoin are falling in value.

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The classic story of Terra Luna

Terra Luna was able to reach a total valuation of $40 billion in the first half of this year at $119 per token. However, this dream run quickly turned into a nightmare, as the values ​​soon plummeted to the ground, causing investors to suffer huge losses.

This was a shock to investors and developers alike. Many changes have been introduced, one of which is renaming Terra Luna as Terra Luna Classic.

The coin is set as a reject, with the cent burned each time. This helps to stabilize the value of the coin.

Burning Crypto Effect

One of the biggest factors behind the growth of Terra Luna Classic is the burning of these tokens in the latent depression market. The burning of these tokens ensures that the value in the supply is within the acceptable range.

Coins are burned when they are sent from a crypto wallet to a burned wallet. A burned wallet is one that can receive money but not transfer it. So this basically means that the coins will be burned after being sent to the burned wallet.

Burning of coins reduces their supply which increases their demand (basic economic principle).

Terra Luna Classic launched with a total coin supply of 6.9 trillion. The coin managed to hit a total value of 2.5 billion dollars, each coin is in the range of $0.0004. The coin’s price increased from $0.00004 and showed a growth of 1000%.

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The group has introduced a special 1.2% token burn on every transaction. This has been accepted by the biggest crypto exchange platforms like Binance and Kucoin. This means that the combustion process operates at full throttle.

Continuous development

Terra Luna Classic has made great strides in development, especially after the horrific disaster. The current bull run, if it continues, could help the coin cross the $3 billion mark in a few months. And some believe it can regain its all-time high of $40 billion.

This is probably not the case because the coin has been at a high rate for some time and most of the benefits that an investor can take from its growth have been in the past. It means that the long sharp end of the coin is about to run out.

This means that an investor may not get as much profit from investing in tokens now as he could at earlier stages (10x returns). But there are some new and promising cryptos in the market that can be just the asset an investor wants to invest in for the long term.

Tamadoge: Alternative investors should consider

Tamadogge is one of the many new and promising coins that entered the crypto market this year. Tamadoghe a Play to find out A platform where players can raise their pets and prepare them for battle with other players’ pets. Unlike a game reserved for gamers only, it can be suitable and enjoyed by anyone.

The TamaDog platform runs on the TAMA token. Players receive rewards from events or battles. These rewards can be converted into TAMA in the form of Dogepoints, thus giving investors a good return on their investment. The entire Tamaverse becomes accessible after one buys TAMA tokens.

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Tamadogge’s recent transformation into Play-to-Earn and meme coins has succeeded in gaining the necessary attention. This is clear from the pre-sale figures, which can raise money 12 million dollars And all within the set time frame.

I’m used to it, supporting a sound project, can be a good investment option in the long term. Once the currency is listed on the exchange, there are high chances that it can be sold at a higher price. This is because coins are generally sold at a discount during the presale.


Terra Luna Classic is running roughshod over, what seems like, a depressed market. The coin has managed to multiply 10x in value in the last few months.

As you can see, the decision to burn the tokens is working in favor of Terra Luna Classic. Tamadogge, despite being a new coin, has managed to become a hot investment option for investors. You can read the full white paper and roadmap at Buy.Tamadoge.io.

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