The 9th blockchain supported by the browser to join Elrond Opera

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Earlier today, September 22nd, Norwegian company Opera announced plans to add support for another blockchain. Launched in January, the browser currently supports 8 different blockchains, several different coins and tokens are supported, and the newest addition – Elrond – will be the ninth supported blockchain.

Opera decided to increase Elrond’s support

Opera Crypto Browser, the world’s first Web3-focused browser, expands its “already robust network suite” by integrating the Elrond blockchain, according to the company’s announcement. The browser, which already supports dApps and non-cash wallets, chose Elrond because of several features that make it a great choice for the project, including high scalability, high speed, high-level security for distributed applications, and enterprise usability. issues.

Implementation is planned for the end of the year, the announcement added, after which users will be able to send and receive Elrond’s native cryptocurrency EGLD tokens. Like other blockchains and their tokens, Opera’s built-in crypto wallet is used to tap into the blockchain, and users can access any dApp running on the Elrond network.

This global and automated trading dApp includes the Maiar exchange, multiple P2E games and more – all without the need for a third-party wallet or other browser extension.

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Benefits of combining Elrond

Opera Crypto Ecosystem Leader Susie Batt noted that Elrond’s seamless integration with the blockchain will expand the already extensive crypto-centric services available to the browser’s users. The interoperability that the crypto industry offers is becoming increasingly important to any project that wants to adopt Web3, and Opera is eager to contribute in its own way by adding another chain to the browser.

As an “internet-scale blockchain” focused on high transaction speed, security, accessibility and user experience, Elrond further contributes to this goal. Thanks to the sharding algorithm, it can distribute complex calculations between different nodes, which increases the speed and reduces the time needed to process transactions. While this concept has spread to other networks since the launch of Elrond in 2020, this particular project is the first chain to incorporate all three aspects of sharding – state, network and transactions – at the same time.

Elrond’s own CEO, Benjamin Minku, commented on the move, saying that Elrond’s novel communication and sharding enables it to achieve outstanding performance. That’s why Opera chose it and the project is eager to join the browser’s vast user base and provide cheap, fast transactions.

The integration also allows Opera users who have never used cryptocurrency before to have a great first experience if they choose to use Elrond and native tokens, dApps and other products.


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