The anonymous hackers came public after the Board Up Yacht Club

Earlier today, the Anonymous hacker group shared a YouTube video detailing several allegations. Boring Monkey Boat Club (BAYC) NFT Collection. The sole purpose of the video is to check the past. Accusations of racism They were true at BAYC. Currently, the video has more than 14,000 views, meaning many people find the topic newsworthy.

Unknown accusations against BAYC for supporting racism
Anonymous accuses BAYC of racism, among others.

In August, a video from an anonymous Twitter account was confirmed to be ‘fake’ The BAYC NFT collection was the group’s next target. So, this video doesn’t seem to be baseless as today he released an indictment video against BAYC on his official channel.

What charges did Anonymous make against the board of the Monkey Yacht Club?

A hacktivist group said. “Board’s collection of monkey boats and the Yuga Labs brand have been tainted by not one or two, but dozens of ecologic signs and dog whistles”. Shockingly, they claim to support Nazism, racism, sexism, and pedophilia.

The group also needs to have specific knowledge so that no one can “see” the issues and these symptoms are hidden in plain sight. The previous statement implies that unless you have some insider knowledge, you may not notice the connection between BAYC and Nazi symbols. Fortunately, they plan to release some more information and context in the coming weeks.

Later in the video, Anonymous starts talking to different groups of people. These include:

  1. BAYC Holders:
    The anonymous person urged them to speak out on the matter as only a few people have come forward with the allegations.
  2. BAYC and Yuga Labs investors, partners and high-profile fans:
    Anonymous questions their stance on the topic of Nazism, Zionism and pedophilia and wonders if they can still stand with BAYC after the discovery. However, Yuga Labs claims to hide these Nazi symbols in a secret manner, recognizing the ignorance of the owners.
  3. Yoga Lab
    There are several statements from Yoga Labs denying the allegations. Still, Anonymous wants to know why they haven’t taken any action to “remove these associations” yet.

Anonymous Is there any evidence for the charges against BAYC?

An anonymous claim they plan to share with BAYC and Yuga Labs backers in the coming weeks. However, this particular video makes no guarantees.

It should be noted that this is not the first time Yoga Labs has been accused of racism. Ryder Ripps first sued Yuga Labs in August. While some supported his claim, others gave their vote of no confidence.

What is Yuga Labs saying about the BAYC lawsuit?

While Yuga Labs has yet to respond, they have denied similar allegations in the past. Earlier this year in June, a video shared by YouTuber Philion surfaced. I understand racism at BAYCRequesting a response from Yoga Labs.

Yoga Labs co-founder Gordon Goner released a blog post explaining why they haven’t yet responded to the series of allegations. The main reason is that they are ‘insane’. However, with new allegations from the Anonymous group, it may not be as unlikely as we thought.

What are people saying about the video?

There is a mixed reaction from people on Twitter. Some believe the charges are wild, another group is holding the deck, and others have said nothing. In fact, we haven’t seen much response from the community.

If you search for #bayc on Twitter, current discussions suggest that the lawsuit may not have much bearing on the project. Which brings us to the real question, what do you think about the constant accusations against BAYC?

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