The Conservative Party of Canada has a new leader.

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Canadian politician Pierre Poilèvere has taken over the crown of the Conservative Party. It looks set to challenge the current government in a race to regain its financial resources in the upcoming national elections.

On September 10, the Cretan politician was reported to have secured 68.15% of the electoral vote and secured the lead over his nearest rival, Jean Charest, in a stunning victory. On the other hand, it garnered only 16.07% of the said vote.

Polievre He has served as a Conservative Party MP since 2003, first taking office in 2004. He then served seven separate terms in Parliament, holding various posts such as Minister for Employment and Social Development and Shadow Finance Minister.

Poilievre is a virtual currency and successor to Bitcoin that advocates for greater financial freedom through crypts, blockchain-based and distributed finance.

His new appointment means that Canadians will be able to vote for a pro-Creto governor in the upcoming October 20, 2025 national election to confirm Canada’s 45th Prime Minister.

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Poliever inspired Canadians to vote for him this year to become their governor and make Canada the world’s cryptocurrency capital.

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A strong advocate for crypto

Last March, YouTuber BITCOIN uploaded a clip of Poilievre at some restaurant during his gubernatorial election campaign saying that virtual currencies should remain legal.

Individuals should be able to choose their money, he continued. If management is willing to damage the currency, they should be able to hire another high-quality currency.

He briefly discussed proposals to simplify cryptocurrency taxes, regulations and regulatory requirements to ensure uniform legislation across Canada. In the same clip, he bought a chicken doner kebab using the Lightning Network.

However, Poilievre gave a few details on how Justin Trudeau, the current prime minister, will take control of his group and accept cryptocurrency if the Liberals oust.

The Conservative Party currently holds 16 of the 105 Senate seats and 119 of the 338 House of Representatives seats. In contrast, Trudeau’s current Liberal government is a minority ruling party with only 160 seats in the House of Representatives. A parliamentary majority must have at least 170 seats in the House of Representatives.

Canada entered the global tech arena universe in 2014 when Congress authorized national legislation on virtual currencies.

Last August, the Canadian Council of Governments established an online encryption system registration process. Based on the Bank of Canada’s Financial System Review published last June, few Canadians currently own BTC, with approximately 13% of Canadians holding some last year, up from just 5% in 2020.

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