“The epidemic is over,” Biden said on 60 Minutes

“The Plague is Over”

“The epidemic is over,” President Joe Biden said in a 60 Minutes interview that aired Sunday.

We still have a problem with covid. We are still working on it. … But the epidemic is over,” Biden told CBS News correspondent Scott Pelley. “If you notice, no one is wearing a mask. Everyone seems to be doing well. And I think it’s changing. And I think this is a good example of that. “

Biden’s comments are likely to spark some controversy. Last week, WHO director-general Theodore Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the end of the epidemic was in sight, but “we are not there yet.”

According to a New York Times tracker, the US is still averaging 465 deaths per day from Covid. In the year More than 1 million Americans have died from Covid-19 since the outbreak began in early 2020. Last week, the total number of COVID cases in the United States fell to its lowest level since May, although infections were rising in some areas, including Texas and New York.

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Biden said the effects of the pandemic can be seen everywhere.

“I think you’ll agree that the impact of the pandemic on the psyche of the American people is profound,” he said.

“Think how that changed everything. You know, people’s attitudes about themselves, their families, the state of their nation, the state of their community. And so there’s a lot of uncertainty there, a lot of uncertainty. And we lost a million people. One million people for COVID”

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