The Ethereum merger has sparked a one-of-a-kind mining frenzy

On Thursday, it witnessed the biggest moment of crypto vigilance in the life cycle of the Ethereum ecosystem. After years of anticipation, the spiritual home of NFTs has been merged with the proof of stake counterpart. Basically stimulating The formation of NFT frustration As people far and wide try to find an elusive piece of history.

As we all know, firsts and lasties carry a lot of weight in the world of high-priced collectibles. So, in a brilliant stroke of genius, the crowd at Useless blocks He devised a bold plan. As a result, taking the bold step of making Ethereum POW’s final block as an untouched NFT.

Smart collectors have achieved this great success by making a single 30 ETH transaction To match the actual amount of Ethereum block. In addition, by calling on the services of functional accounting to suggest the right time to process the transaction. In the end, it cost 30.2 ETH to secure the block, with an additional 1.3 ETH in gas fees.

However, as these events come to an end, another race is about to begin. As post integration fans have been looking to get hold of the first NFT on the new system. When the dust settled, an investor threw in 36 ETH of gas to make the panda image appear.

So, when Ethereum POS goes well, 2 new NFTs live on the blockchain. Which will be more expensive? Only time will tell.

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