The first parody TV show using NFT IP

If you’re into reality TV shows and NFTs, R3al Metaverse is a must-see on your list. This animated parody features five characters inspired by the blue-chip ensemble Bored Monkey, Girl World, Cool Cat, Doodle, and Roboto. In the 34-episode series, they become friends (or enemies!), joke around, and even fall in love in a Los Angeles setting.

Additionally, as an NFT holder, you can also contribute to the story. The first six episodes drop today on all social media channels, so let’s find out more ASAP!

Digital poster of the R3al Metaverse TV inspired animated show
R3al Metaverse is an animated parody of the original NFT-powered television show The Invisible Universe. Credit: TRM

What is the R3al Metaverse about?

Basically, The R3al Metaverse is the first animated parody animation inspired by blue chip NFTs and reality TV shows. A Web3-era comedy ‘Big Brother’, the series brings together five of the most popular series to date.

Together, these characters leave the metaverse to settle in a luxury mansion in the heart of Los Angeles. Each episode shows the evolution of their relationship, as well as their thoughts and feelings.

Bored Monkey Image and Cool Cats NFT Characters from R3al Metaverse TV Inspired Show
The TV show parody features five main characters based on the most popular blue chip NFT projects. Credit: TRM

How were the main characters created?

Interestingly, the creators at Invisible Universe used one NFT from each collection to create a 3D full body character. Check out this BAYC NFT live for an animated demo:

The Bored Monkey NFT figure was converted into a 3D full body character for the R3al Metaverse
Each blue chip NFT served as the inspiration for a full body 3D matching character for the animated show. Credit: TRM

Of course, each character has its own origin and character. For example, Trip is an intelligent, spiritual individual, while Claudine is sarcastic and straightforward. Their strong personality types collide in their Los Angeles home – but how do they get along?

We’ll find out from August 30, with the first six episodes to go. Accordingly, the project’s TikTok, Discord, YouTube and Twitter accounts are available, so you’d better grab your popcorn.

But this is just the beginning. Soon, the TV-show-inspired R3al Metaverse will drop its first NFT collection with many benefits!

R3al Metaverse TV image of the five characters sitting on the sofa
The NFT community of the project can decide the future of the characters in the first season of the show. Credits: TRM

What benefits do NFT holders get?

You can join the developers on the R3al Metaverse by developing a Producer Pass NFT soon. There will be 7,200 digital asset owners to decide on the event plan and more.

As a Producer Pass holder, you can choose the creative direction of future episodes. Do you own an NFT of one of the five main characters? Then it can be featured in the R3al Metaverse reality-TV inspired show!

“There’s something special about seeing your NFT come to life.” said Invisible Universe investor Alexis Ohanian. “I’ve had the experience of seeing Pete go from a .jpeg to a 3D character, and I’m excited for Producers Pass holders to have the same opportunity that I did.”

When looking at a self-portrait poster of the characters of the r3al Metaverse
The team behind R3al Metaverse is Invisible Universe, one of the most experienced web3 animation studios. Credit: TRM

Who is behind the R3al Metaverse reality TV inspired show?

The team behind the reality TV inspired show The R3al Metaverse is Invisible Universe. This leading animation studio has extensive experience in developing character IP on web3 platforms. Their most famous partners are Serena Williams and Jennifer Aniston.

“We approach storytelling in an unselfish way, listening to what the community loves and wants to see more of in our stories. We believe the next generation of consumers will want to be more involved in the development of their favorite entertainment franchises. said Tricia Biggio, CEO of Invisible Universe.

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