The first Web3 Festival from Superfly and Velvet Sea Ventures

This season, Bonnaroo Festival creators Superfly teamed up with Velvet Sea Ventures to create SUPERF3ST. Accordingly, this is the first project of the newly formed SuperNFT Inc. SUPERF3ST empowers a community of music and art lovers to lend their voice and co-design their perfect holiday experience. Thanks to NFT technology, experienced festival organizers can now bring their audience’s wishes to reality.

“As a global community we are using new NFT technologies to create and collaborate to do something fundamentally human.” said Rick Farman. “This is fun when it comes out of me. The third decade as an experienced creator. Superfili created the modern holiday. SUPERF3ST is our way of recreating it.

The project’s first NFT batch, SUPERPASS, consists of 3,000 NFTs and is already available. However, crafting closes on September 9th, so let’s find out all about this special initiative quickly!

NFT Powered Upcoming Event SUPERF3ST Digital Poster
SUPERF3ST is a festival powered by NFT connecting the founder community with the main event organizer Superfly as the coordinator and operator.

What is SUPERF3ST?

Basically, SUPERF3ST is a music and culture festival scheduled for the end of 2023. The founding team at Superfly have described the project as “the most vibrant festival community in the world,” and for good reason. Festival-goers can enjoy top-notch musical performances, culinary experiences and other surprises – all courtesy of SUPERPASS owners!

In addition, SUPERPASS holders live the festival lifestyle all year round Rare art drops, merchandise, IRL meetups, digital experiences, product deals, and the recently announced Superpass Fund will fund community projects.

SUPERF3ST NFT celebration digital poster
Collectors can spend SUPERPASS NFT to join the SUPERF3ST community.

What are your benefits as an NFT holder?

SUPERPASS NFT holders are named “SUPERF3ST Founders”. Basically, each community founder can vote on key aspects of SUPERF3ST. For example, founders may decide on culinary practices, merchandise, location, time, and more.

In addition, founders can participate in a field trip program. This initiative offers tickets to special events around the world. In addition, founders get exclusive access to the dedicated community treasury bring Creative ideas for life.

“NFT essentially serves as a membership token, and our goal is to enable our community members to design, create and own the experiences they truly want.” says Superfly co-founder Rick Farman.

Accordingly, voting will be conducted via the SUPERF3ST Discord channel and website. SuperNFT CEO Tory Stevens explains that this will provide “full transparency to our community members on the key decisions that need to be made with the results of those votes.”

In other words, this is your chance to create your dream holiday from scratch while participating in a year-round community! You can get SUPERPASS NFT from the project website for 0.3 ETH per piece.

SUPERF3ST digital logo
Superfly has partnered with Tom Brady’s NFT platform and Velvet Sea Ventures for the project.

Who is the team behind SuperNFT?

SuperNFT was created by the same people who founded Superfly. This company is behind successful festivals like Bonnaroo and Outside Lands. Now, Superfilly has partnered with Velvet Sea Ventures for a unique experience working on NFT.

SUPERF3ST is SuperNFT’s first project, whose investors include, Pixel Vault’s GFunk, Art Blocks’ Erick “SnowFro” Calderon and Sixth Man Ventures’ Mike Dudas. Additionally, the investor list includes token defender Fonz Olvera, from Ehrenberg Capital, JDS Sports and others.

If you are ready to become the founder of the most innovative NFT powered festival community, Tap your SUPERPASS NFT. On the project website, SUPERF3ST.XYZ. In the meantime, be sure to follow through Twitter and joining Controversy channel For exclusive updates!

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