The huge Web3 event is coming soon!

In November, Istanbul Blockchain Week (IBW) will host the premier Web3 event in beautiful Istanbul, Turkey. The week-long mega event will focus on DeFi, commerce, DAOs, Web3, Venture Capital and crypto regulation. What’s more, there will even be a dedicated NFT Day! Taking place between November 14th – 17th, this is a great learning, fun and networking opportunity at the premier Web3 event.

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Istanbul Blockchain Week starts on November 14 and day tickets start at €149

Some big names are signed up to speak at this year’s event, including Binance, Coinbase and Mastercard. Day ticket prices start from €149 to €2,999 for a VIP week ticket, so whatever your budget, there are tickets for everyone!

Welcome to Istanbul Blockchain Week 2022

Located in northwest Turkey, Istanbul is a city that does not require an entrance. As the most populous city in Europe and one of the oldest, it is a sprawling city of cultural and historical importance to the world. At the beginning of the 7th century BC. People have lived in the city for thousands of years.

Over the centuries, the city has changed and adapted to the needs of its people and the available technology. Now, in the 21st century, as we enter a new digital era, Istanbul is the perfect place to host Blockchain Week.

Turkey has a rich blockchain ecosystem!

20% of the Turkish population is unbanked or unbanked, and more than 25 million Turks are still unbanked. As a result, Turkey is a very fertile ground for the development of cryptocurrencies and decentralized technology.

Erhan Korhaliler, founder of Istanbul Blockchain Week and CEO of blockchain PR agency EAK Digital, said, “Turkey represents an ideal place to bring together Web3 heavyweights with policy makers, venture capital and big Web2 brands looking to enter Web3.

Istanbul skyline
Istanbul is the most populous city in Europe and has an amazing history!

What’s happening at Blockchain Week in Istanbul?

This is the premier event for Web3 and digital assets in the Eurasia region and promises to be a week of incredible speakers, people and more. It will be held throughout the week at the luxurious Hilton Bomonti Hotel.

The week will host a list of world-class speakers on the most critical issues in blockchain. There will be plenty to do and see throughout the week. You can attend panels, events and discussions on investing. There will also be talks on privacy, the metaverse, NFTs and global government policies.

Blockchain Week Speakers in Istanbul!

Important people from all over the blockchain world are confirmed to attend and speak at various events during Istanbul Blockchain Week. Exchanges like Binance and Coinbase speak up, and so do companies like Vodafone and MasterCard.

For those interested in the future of gaming, Yoshihisa Hashimoto, the former CTO of Square Enix who personally oversees the Final Fantasy and Sonic Unleashed brands, will offer his opinion along with other big names in the industry.

The week will also feature a diverse range of speakers from across the fields of fashion, music and entertainment, showcasing the vast possibilities of Web3.

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Istanbul’s two-day event showcases Turkey and its plans for the Web 3 world.

NFT Day and more at Istanbul Blockchain Week

There are also smaller events during Blockchain Week. So far there is

  • NFT Day – November 14
  • Istanbul 2022 – November 15 to 16
  • Istanbul VIP Dinner – November 15
  • W3E Championship Tournament – November 17
  • Istanbul Blockchain Women’s Summit – TBC
  • BNB chain meeting – TBC

Istanbul block

Estanbook is a two-day premier event at a unique and historic location in Istanbul. The program includes exciting content including educational workshops, hackathons, a networking zone, a VIP dinner, a fabulous official after-party and more!

This is the perfect opportunity to learn how Turkey wants to become a leader in the Web3 world and the benefits of investing there.

NFT date

Istanbul Blockchain Week wouldn’t be complete without the amazing NFT Day. This incredible event will include some brilliant speakers, panels and an NFT gallery. Speakers from top NFT projects such as Lazy Lions, Hape and Kusama Kings are confirmed to speak at the event, with more on the way.

Don’t miss this unique week-long event in one of the most beautiful and welcoming cities in the world. Check out the official Istanbul Blockchain Week website to learn more and see what tickets are available!

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