The Ledger NFT partnership provides voting rights in the music space

BRICK is crypto-connected-music that continues to strengthen the relationship between the music industry and the crypto sphere. Co-founded by musicians Lee Spielman and Garrett Stevenson, BRICK promises to be “a music venue by night and a community-driven creative space by day.” In addition, it promises to act as a music venue in the Metaverse.

The logo of the new Web3 Music Venture Brick
This new project, supported by Ledger, aims to be a community-driven space for artists powered by Web 3.

Brick: What we know so far

BRICK is the brainchild of Lee Spielman and Garrett Stevenson, who have toured with the hardcore punk band for over 10 years. They drew inspiration from the DIY punk scene and developed the concept for this new creation together.

Described as “a music venue by night and a community-driven creative space by day,” it serves as an arts hub. He hopes it will be a venue for live concerts, workshops and comedy shows – but also for financial education classes. Because BRICK is partnering with Ledger to educate artists about crypto and crypto security.

In addition to the brick-and-mortar headquarters, the project will also purchase land in Metaverse. Here, it hosts virtual concerts as well as crypto classes. But overall, it’s safe to say that BRICK looks like a musician’s paradise.

A sneak peek of Brick Genesis nfts
Check out the Genesis Pass NFTs tip.

About BRICK Genesis Pass

The BRICK Genesis Pass pre-sale began on Wednesday, September 7th and is currently open to Lidger. [ L ] Market pass holders. Interested individuals may join the whitelist even if they are not registrants. [ L ] Market Pass holder, and get in line for a chance to grab a Genesis Pass for 0.15 ETH.

According to the official website, 50 percent of the money generated goes to rent the space and pay for programming, staff and other activities authorized by the owner. Additionally, one week after the reveal, BRICK will run a snapshot, so owners can request a physical brick on the wall of an IRL space.

Genesis Pass holders will have the right to choose what BRICK does with the space. With plus-ones, you get free entry to all events, merchandise, access to workshops and more. Plus, you’ll get access to a variety of live events, as well as demo-packed masterclasses.

Web3 and the music industry

BRICK is the latest in a music-industry-meets-web3 venture that aims to change the conventional music industry. Undoubtedly, music’s relationship with Web3 reached a high point recently when Snoop Dogg and Eminem performed at the VMAs with support from Web3. We are almost at the beginning of what Web3 and music can achieve together.

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