The Music NFT Show: Podcast Episode 21

Welcome to another round of The Music NFT Show! This week, we’re back with episode 21 of the podcast! This podcast is in collaboration with the amazing J.Thorn, cutting edge author, musician and podcaster, keeping his finger on the pulse of all things cool in music and NFTs.

J. Thorne, along with his talented daughter, discusses various music NFT news and topics. Q hosts the weekly Artist Spotlight and shows you what’s up and trending in the music NFTs.

So, grab your headphones and chat on Web3 Music for some great hits and the latest updates! Watch and listen to the recaps for this week’s Episode 21!

Make sure you check Bonus room At the bottom of the article!

Quick recap: An interview with Reo Cragun, a resourceful utility, the open sea, and a sweet sounding protocol.

MNFT news

We will have fallen musicians. The *only* way to “succeed” in Web 3 is to launch a social token or provide resources to their subscribers. – Jeremy from the catalog

Download OpenSea: an immersive and safe mining experience – “Creators will soon be able to launch their collections on saved pages and more available on the (new) OpenSea home page.”

Introducing the voice protocol – “We’re opening up the audio protocol and setting the stage to rapidly expand what’s possible with music NFTs. The Audio Protocol is a way for anyone to create music NFTs using our smart contracts.

Interview with Rio Cragun.

Artist Spotlight Q

Violetta Zironi – Moonshot #1883

Bonus room

This week’s bonus episode features “Music Starter Book Recap”. With Cooopahtroopa on Twitter Spaces!

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Music by G3ARZ

[Please note: Nothing on the show is meant to be investment or financial advice. Do your own research. Some of the links are affiliate links which means our generous host JThorn makes a small percentage of a sale if you buy through the link. Everything he recommends he uses it himself, and only recommends those he trusts. However, you can always Google them if you don’t want to use his links. LFG!]

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