The organizers of Bali NFT week were accused of defrauding the investment of 50 thousand dollars

Bali NFT Week organizers SOULRICH® have been accused of defrauding a $50K investment on Twitter. As a result of these allegations, @anonscontent took to Twitter to clarify the situation.

An image representing the counterfeit money by the organizers of NFT week in Bali
@anonscontent accuses SOULRICH® of defrauding him of a $50k investment.

What @anonscontent said about SOULRICH®

According to @anonscontent, BALI NFT WEEK ORGANIZERS LEFT SOULRICH® “for deceptive and questionable business practices, and for not protecting me and my $50K investment.” After countless confrontations, verbal threats, and unprofessional behavior, @anonscontent decided to quit for his own safety.

Regarding the $50K investment, @anonscontent said: “Well blockchain doesn’t lie. Attached is my transaction to @soulrichteam for over $50K in $USDC. For the past few months, I have been exclusively contracted with @soulrichteam.

During his tenure, SOULRICH® changed the contract. It is initially set to receive 10% of NFT’s fundraising revenue and 10% of royalties. However, the organizers of Bali NFT Week eventually changed it to “To be the director of communication with the fair TBD”.

He went on to say that SOULRICH® never paid him for the work he did, except for $1K for the NFT.NYC hotel. However, the Bali NFT Week organizers assured him that the investment made him part of the core team.

After I decided to part ways, I invested my investment in 2010. I inquired on August 16th and have not received any formal communication from the group. Instead, they blocked my profile on their social media accounts and ignored my emails and text messages.

Not only that, but Bali NFT Week is the result of @anonscontent and @ImmersedVR investments. So @anonscontent decided to break his contract and call out the bad actors in the NFT community.

What is Bali NFT Week?

Taking place between September 8 and 17, Bali NFT Week promises to “bring back the soul of Web3”. According to the organizers, it is a week of NFT and wellness events. However, his name has already been tarnished due to the allegations made by @anonscontent and NFT Twitter.

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