The price of an opportunity block begins an upward trend

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Lucky Block: September 27th

Earlier we noted that LBLOCK price action is breaking above the strong support of $0.0004219. Many traders seem to be looking at this level as an entry point. Currently, the price action in this market has broken the $0.0004400 resistance and is still moving higher.

Lucky Block price now: $0.0004479
LBLOCK market cap: $1.67 million
LBLOCK Flow Supply: —
Total supply of LBLOCK: 3.65 billion
Coinmarketcap Rating for Lucky Block: #3896

Important signs of value:
Resistance levels: $0.0004479, $0.0004500, $0.0004550
Support levels: $0.0004450, $0.0004410, $0.0004370

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LBLOCK PRICE ANALYSIS: Opportunity block price starts an upward trend

Lucky Blocks Price Prediction: LBLOCK Moves Up!

Lucky Block’s 4-hour chart shows that the price of this crypto may have gathered significant strength. This assumption is based on the fact that price action is now developing above the MA line. Therefore, LBLOCK price has been placed in a position that many traders can consider as an entry point. Eventually, additional buy orders may be triggered or executed in this market. Subsequently, this will lead to a price breakdown above the previously targeted $0.0004500 price level. Additionally, the MACD lines have crossed below the 0.00 level, indicating gains in Upside momentum.

LBLOCK PRICE ANALYSIS: Opportunity block price starts an upward trend


A short time frame chart of one hour, features what is happening in the LBLOCK/USDT market. Here the price of the candle has risen significantly above the MA line. Currently, the Bollinger indicator is currently trending upwards, possibly indicating the prevailing trend in this market. Also, the MACD line has risen above the indicator’s 0.00 mark. And, this indicates that the price action is gaining strength, and as a result, it may go higher as the rally continues. Traders should buy into this market as better price signals are plentiful.

Lucky Block (LBLOCK V2): listing is set to take place on August 25th.

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