The profitability of Bitcoin will increase by 1,500 dollars in 24 hours

Bitcoin has seen a remarkable 24 hours since the price of the digital asset rose above $1,500. This price jump has come with several positive implications, including increased profitability for investors holding cryptocurrency. When BTC fell below $19,000, where less than half of all investors profited, the recent recovery has pushed the percentage higher once again.

50% are in profit.

According to data from IntoTheBlock, half of all bitcoin investors are currently making a profit. The 7.7% jump in the digital asset’s price over the past day has seen many investors take a one-time profit on their coins.

Currently, the percentage of investors in the fund is at exactly 50%. More interesting is the percentage of investors currently in neutral territory. At 11%, the data shows that a good number of investors bought BTC in the $20,000 territory. As for those in bankruptcy, it currently sits at 39% of all investors.

The holding composition features long-term holding pattern points that lead to substantial gains over time. A total of 63% have held their coins for more than 1 year and 32% have held their coins for 1-12 months.

Now looking at the market and the value of the cryptocurrency over the last year, it is clear that people who bought their coins last year are at risk of losing, and those who bought it over a longer period of time are more likely to lose. It can be profitable. Reiterating the importance of long-term holdings in the crypto market.

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But are investors bullish on Bitcoin?

With the price falling from $69,000 at the current level, there is some panic in the market. This is exacerbated by the fact that many investors are moving to sell their coins to avoid massive losses.

It is a shocking development The current supply of BTC in the market. In a bull market, the amount of active supply is low until the downtrend begins. This resulted in an active supply of almost 1 million BTC in the market, a 22-month high mark.

The last time such a high offer was made was back in October 2020. Ironically, this was at the beginning of the bull market. Therefore, such high active supply can play into the current recovery and increase the price. This means that the bottom of the market was reached when it touched $17,600. Added to The tendency to collect He is slowly building it up, providing a recipe for high prices.

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