The release of Gutter Cat Gang is yet another exciting NFT project

The highly successful NFT group Gutter Cat Gang have added a new level to ‘Gang Membership’ titled ‘Gang Clones’. Users were able to obtain these by purchasing DNA-2 (or DNA-1) at a Dutch auction. This happened on Saturday, September 10th.

Gutter Cat Gang DNA 2
A preview of the DNA-2 Juice via Gitter Cat Gang’s Dutch auction.

Gutter Cat Gang Level and Cloning Process

The Gutter Cat Gang level process is very simple. From the lowest to the highest value goes to input level (requires DNA to obtain DNA), rodents, pigeons and dogs at the middle level, and gutter cats at the highest level.

The cloning process will be a bit confusing but it will be easy for people who have collected all their features. For DNA-1, users enter DNA-1 juice and OG Gutter Cat to receive the D1 clone and get their OG back (this clone is included to create OG traits). Alternatively, you can enter a DNA-1 juice and dice pack to get a random D1 clone.

For DNA-2 users, they enter their DNA-2 juice and two D1 clones. To be clear, one of them is harmless, and one is burned. Then, the D2 Clone and the undamaged D1 clone are received.

About Clone NFTs and DNA

The clone NFTs need DNA-2 juice to get by the Gutter Cat Gang. There are 4,000 DNA-2 Gutter Juice NFTs available in the Dutch auction (this includes 1,000 of each Gutter clone).

The claimed NFTs have not yet been revealed, but versions of D1 are available on secondary markets. On OpenSea, clones are priced at 0.16 ETH (almost half of the lowest Dutch auction price). Gutter Juice (DNA-2 only) sits at a floor price of 0.22 ETH (still a much lower price than the Dutch auction).

The reaction of the fans

Fans of the Gutter Cat Gang took to Twitter to express their disappointment that the already huge NFT brand is releasing more PFPs to their ecosystem. They saw that it forced fans to spend more money on them. @Nate_RiversA popular Twitter user tweeted, “Wtf? Another mint…? Cool down,” they later wrote in their own writing. “The gang grew almost 10 meters, literally nothing was visible from it. It feels very insensitive to market conditions.

Further calculations from the reverse show that this drop raised $2-6 million for the Getter Cat Gang, especially where NFTs were trading at 0.3-0.9 ETH.

Although these comments do not reflect all responses to the new collection, there were certainly a few more agreeable ones. On the other hand, some people said that it can only be a good thing. Because it means the group is raising more money for future endeavors.

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