The South Korean city is going to offer NFT ‘citizenship’

Not long ago, it was reported that Seongnam, the 12th most populous city in South Korea, will create its own style that is accessible to the public.

But not only now.’Metaverse special city SeongnamIt will launch in the first half of 2023 but so will the ‘citizenship’.

Seongnam in the Metaverse

According to local reports, the government will also grant virtual citizenship to Metaversity City. This citizenship is granted as an NFT and provides access to the platform and through it municipal data can be accessed by anyone.

Construction of the city will begin next month and service results are expected to arrive in April 2023. After the results are collected and evaluated, the platform is expected to be open to the public from May or June 2023.

The local government is hoping that this groundbreaking project will appeal to generations and encourage community participation. of metaverse city It will also be used to ‘verify the core urban governance and policy environment in a virtual city using Metaverse technology’.

This is just one of many government-backed NFT startups in Asia. Recently, NFTs were awarded by the Japanese government to the winners of a digitization competition.

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