The Thunderbirds are on their way! TV Classic gets its own NFT collection

If you’re a fan of Thunderbirds (or sci-fi TV shows in general), know that the series now has its own NFT collection! Essentially, the new drop sends owners on an adventure in one of the Tracy family’s iconic vehicles: the Thunderbird.

Accordingly, collectors can get their very own Thunderbird NFT to Mint – so let’s look for more ASAP!

A digital poster featuring the main characters of the Thunderbird TV show with a rocket ship.
The sci-fi TV series Thunderbird has entered the Web3 world with its own set of NFTs. Credit: Thunderbird

Thunderbird: What is the International Rescue Club NFT?

As the name suggests, this collection of 1,000 digital assets was inspired by the 60’s TV series “Thunderbird”. Each NFT basically comes in an NFT Pass that you can use to join the project’s community: Global Rescue Club.

The founding team has already sold an initial batch of 500 NFTs. However, the most active community members can receive one of the 500 remaining collectors for free. Collectors can get their NFT passes by joining our Twitter and Discord channels.

In the design, the 3D models resemble the main characters of the show. Each collector is also available as an avatar in the Guardian, much to the delight of collectors.

“We are delighted to be partnering with ITV Studios and Reality+ to launch the hit. “Thunderbird made it into the Metaverse franchise.” said Sandbox co-founder Sebastien Bourget.. “TE Sandbox continues to bring culture and entertainment with Thunderbird, allowing fans to own, play and create and bring new adventures and stories to life with characters from the original series.

Accordingly, a community-oriented project has many other benefits for the owners!

Thunderbird Digital Poster: International Rescue Club NFT Collection
The project has partnered with The Sandbox for the ultimate digital journey.

Do NFT holders get any special benefits?

First, each Thunderbird NFT pass can be a 3D full-body model. There are 6 rarities, each with unique characteristics: Zombie, Monkey, Cyborg, Gold, Metalite, and Normal. Starting this month, these collectibles are ready to take you on an unforgettable adventure in the sandbox!

Surprisingly, NFT owners can participate in real life “rescue missions”. To clarify, community members can decide where the project’s DAO funds will go, such as charities.

In the future, fans will have the opportunity to collect digital artwork of Thunderbirds figurines, vehicles and more characters. All in all, members of the project community are on an unforgettable journey inspired by the original sci-fi TV series.

An image showing several Thunderbids 3D NFT models
The Thunderbirds: International Rescue Club NFTs come as six unique 3D characters. Credit: Thunderbird

What is Thunderbird?

Thunderbird is a science fiction television series animated by computer programming. In the year Launched in 2015, it is actually a remake of the 1964 series “Thunderbird”.

The show tells the story of a rescue team formed by a family living on a hidden island. The year is 2060 and their missions will take you underwater, in the air and on new lands. The main vehicles they use in their missions are called Thunderbirds, hence the name of the event.

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