The US Treasury is seeking public input on NFTs

The American people may have the opportunity to shape future NFT-related legislation. This comes as the US Treasury specifically calls for public feedback on digital assets and their potential for criminal use.

This is a longstanding issue in NFT sector Around the world and this can be an opportunity for the community to make its voice heard.

Giving feedback

The public question consists of 23 questions Risks associated with NFTs and measures that can be taken by the government to alleviate them.

The use of digital assets in financial activities gives rise to crimes such as money laundering, terrorism and counterfeiting financing, fraud and theft, and corruption.” says the document.

Interestingly, the document also asked for a possible Central Bank Digital Currency (CBCC). Several countries, such as China, have one and there have been some rumors of the United States adopting one over the years.

This public inquiry comes days later. US government It released its first ‘Comprehensive Framework for Responsible Development of Digital Assets’ report and months after President Biden issued an executive order on digital assets. That executive order asked federal agencies to begin work on the control of digital assets.

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