The value of Carillonium Finance is 232% on investment CAROM.

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The price of Carillonium Finance is currently seeing a 232% pump. CAROM crypto demand has seen a significant increase.

The price has increased by 569.41% in a period of 7 days. The investors predicted huge profits after selling the crypto. Other cryptocurrencies based on the same technology, such as DEFC, which trade at lower prices, may also experience a sudden surge in demand.

What is Carillon Finance?

Carillonium is a community-based crypto built on reflection and automatic liquidity on the Binance smart chain. It is rejected in nature. Each transaction is subject to a 7% Carillonium tax, of which 5% is distributed to liquidity and 2% to CAROM holders. Additionally, Carillonium pays Carrom shareholders in BUSD.

It is a decentralized financial payment network that creates a common payment stack on the blockchain. Its reserve currency, CAROM, uses an algorithmically stable basket of fiat-pegged stablecoins to power programmatic payments and an open financial infrastructure.

In the year By the end of 2020, the network had over 2 million user transactions valued at over $299 billion. Cryptocurrencies similar to CAROM, such as DEFC, DeFiswap’s digital token, may see an increase in transactions over the next few months.

What is DeFi Digital Token?

DEFC is a DeFi Swap digital token that is a decentralized trading platform. This is a community-driven platform and every transaction automatically provides liquidity that is spread across pools used by various exchanges.

Fixed Rewards holders can easily benefit from statistical reflection as they watch the steady growth of their DFi Coin balance. DeFi Coin offers users the ability to participate in a crowdfunding exchange on the platform. Providing an environment where users can exchange virtual tokens (NFT) for DeFiCoin.

Why should you invest in DEFC?

it is Decentralized

The platform allows consumers to trade directly with other market players, with the aim of eliminating the need to deal with a centralized third party.

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To achieve its decentralized objectives, the system is supported by a native digital currency called DeFi Coin (DEFC). The main functions of the token are Burn, LP Acquisition and Reflection. This coin can be moved from one wallet to another and is based on the Binance Smart Chain.

It is deflationary

Volatility and major price changes are unpredictable outcomes of day trading. To combat this, DeFi Coin token holders are rewarded for holding their tokens longer by receiving volatile reflections.

Transactions are subject to 10% tax. Existing DeFi Coin token holders will get 5% of this tax as distribution. Using the remaining 5%, a decentralized exchange service will provide liquidity. Additionally, individuals who own DeFi coins have the opportunity to earn dividends thanks to a structured incentive system.

Burning campaign

A continuous burning campaign is another golden idea of ​​the DeFi coin team. When the tokens are burned or destroyed, the total supply of tokens decreases. As a result, the market value of the corresponding digital currency increases, especially when the tokens used are small. Sending the tokens to a burned address will cause them to be burned, making them permanently lost and irretrievable.

Automatic liquid pools

The platform considers liquidity shortage to be one of the main challenges facing decentralized exchanges. This is because the market for trading digital currencies continues to be dominated by centralized operators. To solve this problem, DeFi Coin used automatic liquidity pools. Simply put, consumers who deposit their digital currency into liquid pools can expect a certain rate of return.


DEFC works with the same technology as Carillonium Finance. As both are community based decentralized cryptos.

CAROM is the most predictable cryptos with the potential to witness gains, as it has experienced a surge in demand. DEFC is currently trading at $0.072130 with a 24-hour trading volume of $420.78. An investor should buy DEFC Tokens considering the low rates and ease of buying through DeFi swaps to get high profits.

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