The world’s first food counter game is now live!

OneRare’s global multiplayer P2E NFT game for food lovers is live on the Polygon Network, and it’s amazing! The world’s first Food Metaverse Honorary aims to use blockchain technology to transform the food industry and celebrate food globally.

An image of the OneRare foodverse map
OneRare is a 3D virtual P2E NFT food counter economy game!

Creating a massive 3D virtual world for the food and beverage industry, the team behind the unique project has built an amazing ecosystem. Some features include stacking, ingredient NFTs, lossless game tokinomics, the ability to create and cut foods, and more.

What is OneRare?

The advent of the digital revolution and blockchain technology is changing how we interact with the world, including everyday objects. Perhaps the most important and global of these is the food and beverage industry, consumed by more than 7 billion people every day. OneRare plans to change the way we think and feel about food, starting with the amazing food exchange.

OneRare is the first NFT game-to-earn (P2E) experience and game of its kind. In fact, anyone in the world can play it and it’s a perfect multiplayer game for all ages. The company aims to create a new line of communication between food professionals/companies and consumers. For these reasons, OneRare has great potential to become a leader in this rapidly growing space.

There is already great interest in the game, and OneRare has impressive partnerships in the food industry and the Web 3 world. Many of the recipes in the game have also been created by world-renowned chefs like Chef Vicky Ratnani.

Image of OneRare farm
Buy the OneRare token $ORARE to get NFTS on the OneRare farm.

How does the OneRare game work?

The OneRare platform is an immersive and integrated experience that leverages Tokinomics in a way never seen before. Instead of transferring tokens to everyone in the OneRare ecosystem, they’ve built a unique but easy-to-use staking method.

Basically, you get NFTs by stacking OneRare tokens called $ORARE, which offers huge economic benefits. The $ORARE token has real value just like any other currency, and helps you make transactions across the OneRare ecosystem.

This not only makes for a more exciting game, but also provides a blueprint for the entire P2E industry. The main network went live on September 7th and is already making waves in the NFT gaming world.

Gameplay: Stake ⮕ Claim ⮕ Cook ⮕ Battle ⮕ Win Prizes

In total, there are four levels of play in the OneRare Food Metaverse ecosystem, each with its own unique functions. These zones are:

  • The Farm – Six themed pools, where farmers earn $ORARE tokens to win NFT as prizes.
  • Farmers Market – Sell your produce (ingredients) here or barter and buy ingredients from other farmers.
  • The Kitchen – Here, you’ll find a list of recipes and ingredients you’ll need to whip up your favorite dish NFT. With one click, there is a ‘Magic Buy’ button to help you quickly buy the missing ingredients.
  • The Playground (Coming Soon) – You make your favorite food as an NFT. Once you get this, you can participate in amazing games like ‘Foodtruck Wars’. Battle with others, and earn token rewards and NFTs. You can make up to 5$ ORARE with each win!
Image of OneRare Farmers Market
Shop with farmers at the OneRare Farmers Market!

Start playing OneRare today!

The OneRare mainnet is live, and it’s easy to start your journey with Foodverse. To get started, download the Metamask Wallet extension (if you don’t already have it) and create an account.

Connect to the ‘Mumbai’ network on Polygon and add Matic tokens to your wallet. Next, you can use MEXC Global or Quick Swap to get $ORARE tokens.

Now you are ready to start your adventure in a unique 3D food lover’s paradise. Finally, go to the official OneRare Game site To start a farm.

Cartoon kitchen image
Create amazing dishes from all over the world in OneRare Kitchen!

Join early and get a big advantage in OneRare

Those who join the OneRare game early and start farming will get many early benefits. Starting now, you’ll get more nutrient NFTs in the packaging process, and it will take fewer ingredients to cook your unique meal.

In short, you gain the ability to create more ingredients and more food. This gives you a big head start as cooking becomes more difficult with more players.

OneRare Playground Image.
OneRare Playground is coming soon and promises to be fun and rewarding.

Changing the food industry one meal at a time!

Created by Supreet Raju and Gaurav Gupta, the OneRare project combines good timing, innovation and creativity. The couple believes that food makes the world happier and they want to share it with everyone.

‘Foodverse’ is a new concept as an NFT economy game and celebrates and introduces people to new foods from around the world. It also gives users more insight into blockchain and how they can use the technology.

This virtual 3D world is a truly immersive experience, giving you the chance to enjoy every aspect of the f00d experience from farm to plate. There are virtual restaurants, chef experiences and more to enjoy here.

Finally, go to the official OneRare website To know more about this exciting NFT game. There is also an authority. Twitter, DisagreementAnd Telegram To meet fellow farmers in a growing farming community.

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