This Crypto Coin may explode 100x in 2023 after its initial exchange offering.

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TAMA, the native token of the Tamadoge ecosystem, is set for its first listing on the OKX exchange this week. Considering the level of adoption of TAMA so far, this milestone could be the reason for the significant increase in the value of the property.

Tamadoge – Blockchain Game Meets Meme Tokens

Tamadoge is a blockchain gaming project that calls itself “to-play-Dogecoin”. The project combines the functionality and fun of blockchain games with the occasional profits associated with meme tokens.

Tamadog revolves around digital pets, represented by non-perishable tokens (NFTs). Players can buy them to battle other players’ pets, eventually winning the battle and earning rewards in TAMA.

I'm used to it

The developers of Tamadoge are working on an iteration of the metaverse called Tamadoge, where players can hatch and breed their digital pets.

Amazing pre-sale numbers

Like many great meme coins, TAMA’s journey began with a pre-sale. TAMA pre-sale started in July.

The pre-sale was a huge success, raising $19 million in eight weeks. This pre-sale was larger than many established coins – in 2015. Including Ethereum, which raised $17 million in its ETH Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in 2014, and STEPN raised $9.2 million.

The first centralized exchange list will appear

Following the successful completion of the pre-sale, TAMA is now set to be listed on OKX, one of the largest crypto exchanges worldwide, with millions of users and over $1.7 billion in daily trading volume. By listing on a centralized exchange, TAMA could experience a significant jump in trading volumes and investor interest.

Tamadog OKX

TAMA is expected to list at $0.03 with a market value of $30 million. The circulating supply of the coin will be 1 billion, with a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens.

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Outlook for 2023

Although TAMA is yet to be listed on any crypto trading platform, the asset is already seeing an impressive amount of investor attention. This gives many investors hope for higher returns in the coming year.

The Tamadog platform is expected to launch before the end of the year, which means TAMA’s primary use case will finally be implemented, and the asset will have enough support for a large price increase.

Another significant development is that TAMA is expected to implement a deflationary model. All Tamadoge store transactions are subject to a 5% burn rate. This burn rate applies to all token purchases, in-app feature upgrades, and Tamadoge pet purchases are taxed. Over time, this will cause TAMA to decline further, leading to greater shortages and price jumps.

Of course, the broader crypto market is still struggling with significant bearish moves as the market bleeds. However, with a big welcome for TAMA and the launch of the TamaDog platform in the last quarter of 2022, this asset has all the momentum it needs to achieve significant gains in the year ahead.

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