This Meme Coin P2E game is likely to see massive growth when listed.

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Tamadog, a promising new play-for-earning (P2E) cryptocurrency, is attracting investors’ attention in 2022 as it looks to buck the bear markets that have plagued other cryptocurrencies (TMAs). If the price tripled during the presale, could it be tenfold higher when the tokens are listed?

What should you know about Tamadoge?

Tamaverse is a digital ecosystem that provides virtual incentives to its users through the GameFi platform, and their native code is known as Tamadoge (TAMA). Tama Tamaverse can be used by players on Tamaverse to find pets, which are known as avatars of playable non-fictional characters.

Buy Tamadoge

TamaDog dogs created with ERC 721 smart contracts and representing various attributes can be purchased through the Tama Shop.

Players have the option of acquiring a variety of virtual items, each of which will help them develop and breed their own unique NFT pets. Finally, NFTs are used to participate in events open to the entire community, and the winners of these competitions are awarded with TAMA.

More about Tamadoge Presale and Tokenomics

A “white paper” for the cryptocurrency Tamadoge states that there will be a total of 2 billion tokens in circulation. Additionally, 5% of the TAMA spent on the ecosystem will be lost to increase the value of the token in the long run. For this reason, investing in Tamadoge is a better financial move than investing in Dogecoin, which has a total supply of 132 billion tokens.

Tamadoge ecosystem

In addition, Tamadoge Tokinomics said that 30 percent of the tokens used will be used for trading, and sixty-five percent of the tokens issued will be awarded to P2E reward pools.

In September 2022, Tamadoge successfully completed one of the most successful crypto presales, raising $19 million in eight weeks. Initially, TAMA plans to raise $10 million in pre-sales. However, the goal was raised to $19 million due to the results of the token beta presale, which raised $2 million in ten days.

During the pre-sale, participants can purchase up to 50% of the total number of TMA tokens, but 20% of the total number of tokens is kept as a reserve for future centralized and decentralized exchanges (CEXs). In the year In 2022, for example, famous cryptocurrency platforms such as Elbank and Uniswap will be among those listing the token on their respective platforms.

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Is Tamadoge going to skyrocket tenfold?

The initial price of TAMA was $0.01; However, it jumped to $0.03 during the presale, a three-fold increase from its initial price. The launch’s success can be attributed to several aspects, including deflationary tokenomics and token use cases.

On the other hand, Tamadogge has developed long-term roadmap plans to help expand its P2E ecosystem. In the fourth quarter of 2023, according to the project plan, the platform is planned to introduce the augmented reality (AR) Tamadoge application.

In addition to that, the platform is now working on an arcade-style paid game that includes real-world Tamadoge rewards as incentives.

Tamadoge is expected to make important connections with other Metaverse projects in 2023, and will try to grow its token lists on other CEXs during this period. As a result, Tamadoge has the potential to be one of the most exciting cryptocurrency projects to watch in the long term.

TAMA needs a market capitalization of $190 million to grow 10 times its current size. As a result, the price of the cryptocurrency can reach $3. Dogecoin is currently trading at $0.06 and has a total market capitalization of over $8 billion. In particular, Tamadoge has more use cases than Dogecoin, making its value tenfold higher.

Recent tweets from the official TamaDog account on Twitter have hinted that the cryptocurrency will soon be listed on a popular cryptocurrency exchange. These details come after previous announcements that the token will be listed on LBank and Uniswap. More information is expected to be released on September 23, 2022. If there is any other detailed news, Tamadoge may be one of the most popular cryptocurrencies to trade quickly.

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Tamadoge – Meme Play to earn coins

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  • Get TAMA in battles with Doge’s pets
  • Sealed Supply of 2 Billion, Token Burn
  • Presale collected 19 million dollars in two months
  • Upcoming ICO by LBank, Uniswap

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