Ticket marketplace Big Ticketmaster chooses blockchain for NFT push flow

This week, Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc. They discovered that the company could offer event organizers the flexibility to purchase tickets from a non-refundable token (NFT) through the Flow blockchain. Last November, Ticketmaster was operating in a polygonal format, but starting with Super Bowl LVI, the price tag sales and distribution behemoth began operating with a flow managed by natty Labs.

The ticket master has collected more than five million NFTs using the flow technology

In the year On August 31, 2022, a SportsBusinessJournal.com report explained that Ticketmaster may allow event organizers to issue NFTs using the Flow blockchain. Organizers can generate NFTs before, during or one-time and represent tickets or records, VIP access and prizes. According to the report, the ticketing agency has issued five million NFTs on Flow Network.

Customers who issued NFTs have welcomed The Black Crowes, Phoebus Apollo Theater and Gavin DeGraw. Ticketmaster originally used the same polygonal shape, but in February, the world’s largest price tag marketplace streamed fifty-six NFT tickets for the Super Bowl.

Flow already works with the NFL through a confusing partnership for “NFL All Day” NFTs. Additionally, Nate Labs’ workflow was also used on the “NBA High Shot” NFTs and the “UFC Strike” NFTs. In addition, NFL gamegoers will have access to Flow-issued NFT tickets to more than 100 games during the 2022 season.

Flow says ‘Ticketmaster is empowering event organizers’

According to all-time statistics from NFT information guy cryptoslam.io, Flow blockchain commands the fourth largest position in NFT sales out of 19 completely different blockchains. Flow blockchain with data from cryptoslam.io ranks $1,098,215,401 in unprecedented NFT sales. The 30-day statistical flow indicates that the 417% increase in the past month is the fifth largest under the unchanged X.

Flow also confirmed the Ticketmaster deal to measure Nation fans once again on Twitter on Wednesday. “Big news for live event fans” flow same. “[Ticketmaster] Event organizers currently offer digital treatments, compressed [on Flow]He said. The organization continued:

Activate access to experience and rewards. And that’s not all – [Ticketmaster] It’s encouraging event organizers to enhance live experiences for fans – share your experiences online, never lose that price tag on a show you love, new ways to reward communities; [and] Luxury VIP experiences.

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