Tobias Rehberger Drops “Myths and Conspiracies” Theme NFT Art

German sculptor and artist Prof. Tobias Rehberger has created ‘Hybrid NFT Art’ titled Mythology and Conspiracy. Using material from stock photo agency, Action Press, he created five digitally animated collages – 3,750 digital frames.

The story and plot of Tobias Rehberger
Tobias Rehberger is the artist behind the story and plot.

Story and plot

With ‘Myths and Conspiracies’, artist Tobias Rehberger is devoting himself to the subject of art’s authorship, origin and value. To create the artwork for this project, Rehberger selected images from one of the largest databases in the world, the stock photo agency Action Press. He distorted them and built them into five animated digital collages called Liquid Posters. The five Liquid posters are NFTs with a total of 3,750 unique digital frames.

Rehberger worked with many partners in creating the “Fables and Conspiracies” NFT art collection. Namely, the clips feature quotes from Max Frisch’s book ‘Fragebogen’ (Question Question). Also DJ, Markus Nicolai created the accompanying music. Finally, FINPRO handled the technical implementation of smart contracts and UI.

Starting at 6 p.m., the TechQuartier in Frankfurt, Germany will host a vernissage of the first display of the five liquid posters. . It won’t be until 7pm that the clips will be available on the website and NFTs will be available for purchase. Rehberger has yet to come out with an exact price. High-range triple-digit euro-sized ETH will be the price, Rehberger said.

All news, information and previews can be seen on the project’s Twitter feed. @Fairy Tales.

Benefits for buyers

Furthermore, the process of creating ‘stories and plots’ involves both audiences and consumers. Only when you decide on a frame and purchase, an NFT is created and automatically transferred to a digital Ethereum wallet. In addition to the unique digital frame, the purchased NFT component is an A1 print on paper of the selected frame signed by the artist – also unique – and a video file of the liquid poster from which the frame was generated. International postal buyers will have an A1 print delivered to their home.

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