Unlock the wonderful world with Metropolis World Passport

As the block faces an extended downtime, something remarkable is beginning to emerge on the Ethereum network. Working tirelessly, a team of misty-eyed world builders have engineered a vibrant and wonderful world. Metropolis world. A chaotic, hand-drawn cityscape designed to capture interactions with horns and expertly navigate the metaverse.

With its flawless construction, Metropolis world It aims to blur the lines between the physical and digital domains. Thus, enabling its future followers to follow the beautiful breadcrumbs into the virtual world through various experiences, events and exhibitions, as well as exploring portals from other developing areas such as The Sandbox and Decentraland.

Now, after a long period of design and development, Metropolis World is ready to provide the user with a passport to its amazing virtual realm.

A passport to a wonderful new world

Embarking on its epic journey into the unknown, Metropolis World will soon release its own digital passports, which will serve as the key to unlocking many exciting technical aspects of the ecosystem.

In addition to getting a whitelist spot for an upcoming Citizen or Eternal avatar, Passport holders also gain access to the vast Metropolis world environment with the ability to unlock personalized player profiles and create NFT assets in the stunning cityscape.

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Unlock the wonderful world with Metropolis World Passport

A new kind of Metaverse

With an amazingly pioneering infrastructure, Metropolis World looks to correct what it identified as the shortcomings of its predecessors. Thus, removing uninspired creative properties and replacing them with extremely unique and special ones Active hand-painted works of artall fully imaginable on the blockchain and featuring a wealth of individual style and lore to bring depth and substance to the wider universe.

In addition, Metropolis World seeks to bridge the current gap between the virtual and physical planes by using its seamless environment as an extension of real-world events. Those attending concerts, galleries and more can seamlessly transport themselves between worlds with little effort.

In the future, the team will soon start the passport, then quickly start the first city. Celeste. After that, the world of Metropolis will introduce two different sets of avatars, citizens and nomads, a great series of player-owned characters that will eventually appear as 3D avatars in the ecosystem.

All the assets in the big empire work in the Ethereum blockchain, however, Metropolis World has become a partner Flame As an official communication partner to bridge the blockchain and other metaverses, as well as build flexible and scalable NFTs into the amazing platform.

Unlock the wonderful world with Metropolis World Passport

Monitored by Bevy of incredible founders

In August, Metropolis World had a very successful campaign to get at least 40 founding citizens on board. Some of the biggest names in Web3 saw the results show their support for the amazing project, with Steve Aoki, BlonDISH, 3LAU, FVCKRENDER SupDucks and more all rounding out the points.

Keep your eyes on the road ahead

As the project matures, Metropolis World will introduce more and more diverse cities to the platform, creating a wider one. 3D environment Where they roam with wild abandon. After that, players will be able to host their own amazing events in their wall of honor, all of which will unlock additional rewards with the upcoming utility token $CLAY.

So, get ready for an amazing new experience as Metropolis World prepares to present the unparalleled new Metaverse.

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