Verseprop and PLP architecture Skyscraper NFT collection

Investors need guidance to navigate the new digital landscape as the Metaverse acquires virtual assets faster than ever and before they can be bought and sold. Where is this? VersePropHere comes Metaverse Real Estate Marketplace and Consulting Firm. Their marketplace is launching in Q4. But in the meantime, their new NFT collection, created in collaboration with PLP architectureIt is attracting leading experts to Web3.

The collection

True to its roots, this set of NFTs is defined as a concept building where users can purchase assets of varying degrees. Depending on their level, users can get some perks like access to future collections and a 3D printed blueprint of the Skyscraper. One buyer (who can take a friend, partner or companion) will also enjoy an all-expenses paid trip to London*, PLP and VerseProp home base.

Comprised of architects, designers and researchers; PLP He is the brain behind hundreds of the most innovative real estate designs. London, China, Dubai, Singapore (to name a few) in the last few years. It is particularly known for its emphasis on sustainability and social development, and after success with such exploits in the material world, it is looking to enter Metavas through its research and innovation arm PLP Labs.

Consulting on the Metaverse

VerseProp prides itself on being a unique firm in the metaverse that focuses exclusively on real estate. The company Founded in 2021 by Joel Korn, a former London and New York executive at CBRE and Savills PLC, it is backed by the biggest names in global real estate. It aims to make the user experience professional; He wants to ensure that his clients maximize their profits when investing in virtual real estate and that the buying experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

with vice versa In the year Estimated to be worth over a trillion dollars by 2030, VerseProp helps clients cut through the noise and clutter to make better investment decisions. From identifying prime virtual real estate to investing, to developing strategy, the firm is a partner at every stage.

Image of NFTP

Their services are not limited to their own clients as they seek to attract investors and partners. Being familiar with the needs of both customers and Metaverse developers, VerseProp can relate. Virtual real estate Projects to suitable buyers.

The sector is growing more than any other display, and with this huge expansion a The land rush of the metaverse. Investors all over the world are in a rush to get a piece of the pie and without the right guidance, they can get caught up in the hype and make bad decisions.

Launching an upcoming marketplace

But this new development with PLP is not the only thing that VerseProp has come up with. The company plans to open its own market at the end of this year. This marketplace allows anyone to buy, sell and rent virtual properties on major roads in a safe and trusted environment. People buying Skyscraper NFTs can get early access to the market.

A unique feature of VerseProp will be the professional network it offers to users in addition to its marketplace.

The Skyscraper Collection will launch a pre-qualified mint on October 15, 2022 and the VerseProp Marketplace will launch in Q4 2022.

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