Vitalik Buterin Rakes NFT collection in millions

A collection of NFTs associated with the creator of Ethereum; Vitalik ButerinTwo days after the first drop closed, he traded millions. Dubbed the Quadratic Funding Collection, the NFTs adhere to the concept of Quadratic Funding, a Web3 funding model powered by Buterin. Mathematically, the model prioritizes project financing based on the number of people who have committed it. Therefore, few whales cannot determine how the relevant funds are represented based on the amount they contribute.

The collection was launched in early March 2023 through Open Edition Mint. A total of 9,209 coins were mined in the first drop at a price of 0.05 ETH. Plus, another 12 limited edition. “Signature” NFTs traded in the Dutch auction format. at last , Metallable, The team behind the project managed to raise more than $781,000, which will fund various web3 projects.

Each NFT in the stock, a “Register” It looks like an album cover and has a digital version of the 2018 white paper. “Liberal Radicalism: A Dynamic Design for Charitable Matching Funds. It was signed by Buterin and his co-authors, economists Glenn Weil and Zoe Hittig. The Extra 12 Limited Edition. “Signature” The NFTs showed a physical copy of the signed white paper. When combined, NFTs do the first “Quality Failure” By Metalabel, a project that helps creators monetize their work using DAOs and NFTs.

Handwritten signature of Vitalik Buterin

Metallabel representative Buterin confirmed to the press.Agreed to reissue the co-authored white paper.” As part of the NFT drop and signed 12 physical copies by hand “Signature” NFTs

Fall sales were low-key until they closed on March 8. Now, second-hand sales from the collection have raised millions. As of press time, the group has raised 9,470 ETH ($13,305,350) in transaction volume and the floor price has risen to 0.58 ETH ($815).

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