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As the blockchain industry begins to pick up again, demand for unlicensed cryptocurrencies is on the rise. When the bull market is finally here, investors are constantly looking for the one sign that could lead to huge profits. However, the feeling of depression in the market seems to have a big impact on the market.

In the year BTC has been struggling to break the resistance that has been fixed at the current $20,000 level, which is close to $67,500 in 2021. With the crypto summer showing no signs of ending anytime soon, most of the investing public is hoarding these digital assets.

While many popular tokens have been adopted by the masses, a few projects that are still not so popular in the community are now being added to many watch lists. Syscoin is one such project that has caught the attention of investors.

What is Syscoin?

In the year Founded in 2014 by the creators of Blockchain Foundry, Syscoin is an open source and decentralized project. In bundles, Syscoin supports an excellent web 3.0 ecosystem to offer ultra-low fees, decentralized Layer-1 security and Layer-2 economies of scale.

Syscoin is a cryptocurrency designed to support smart contracts in a wide range of use cases such as Metaverse, IoT, Smart Cities and future planetary economies. As part of the roadmap, ZK-Rollups, Optimistic Rollups, Validium and DAOSYS are being implemented. DAOSYS is a new type of DAO that provides administration-free treasury management and self-sovereignty to all participants.

Using Bitcoin’s proof-of-work and integrated mining, the project allows for securing smart contracts and rollback transactions. In addition to completion, Syscoin offers chain locks, which are protected by a quorum of motivated master nodes (full nodes).

While maintaining Nakamoto consensus and Proof of Work, this Finality provides a secure Definite, which effectively reduces the risk of 51% attacks and long distance mineable value (MEV attacks) that Ethereum is vulnerable to. In short, the token is built on core elements that provide great potential.

SYS, the native token of the Syscoin ecosystem, plays a vital role in the operation of the platform.

Good pump

SYS reached an all-time high in January this year when the token was valued at around $1.2. However, the project managed to accumulate a large user base during this time. Various social media handles that have been fully active alongside the continuously built infrastructure have implemented this.

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Although the token has been extremely volatile over the past 8 months, it has still managed to gain popularity, losing over 80% of its value due to market conditions. The token has been working through the crypto winter, hoping to take a place among some of the top cryptocurrencies.

With major developments and recent partnerships, SYS has been able to increase in value and saw a good pump last week. The token, which was previously trading around $0.13, managed to touch the $0.16 level before correcting. However, the price has now returned to the $0.15 range, as investors expressed frustration on social media platforms.

The token currently holds a market cap of over $98 million and a circulating supply of around 659 million tokens. With over 171,000 followers on Twitter and a dedicated community, SysCoin has been active in sharing achievements and development within the project. This may help the token grow further in the future.

As a low-rated project, it’s important to find tokens that boast real utility. The most sought-after projects are those that demonstrate utility with the potential for massive popularity. One project that has been launched recently is Tamadogge.

About Tamadoge

Tamadoge is a blockchain P2E gaming platform that combines the popularity of memecoin with its strong infrastructure. The project has grown exponentially following its recent launch in 2022. With an innovative approach to P2E gaming, this new Doge ecosystem participant is fully integrated with the Metaverse.

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The project has been very transparent about its security since the beginning, the team has been verified by Coinsniper. The token contract has also been audited by SolidProof and is looking for more in the future.

Tamadog has managed to sell more than $11.9 million worth of TAMA, the ecosystem’s native token, within a few months of its introduction and will grow even more in the coming weeks.

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Tamadoge – Meme Play to earn coins

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  • Sealed Supply of 2 Billion, Token Burn
  • NFT based Metaverse game
  • Presale live now – tamadoge.io

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