Web3 IP Studio founded by Pablo Stanley

Robotos founder Pablo Stanley has launched Humanity’s next-generation IP entertainment studio Web3. The franchises are governed by a crowd-sourced storytelling, based on providing artists with a basic source of income so they have more freedom to create their work.

human beings
Mankind is Pablo Stanley’s new web3 IP studio.

About humanity

Launched a few days ago, Humanity is a new Web3 IP studio founded by artist and tech entrepreneur Pablo Stanley. With him, artist and producer of technological innovation, Marian Pedroza. The pair have previously worked together for years creating content to bring more smiles to people. Also, inspire fellow artists and creatives.

For Humanity, Stanley is responsible for the distribution of IP from video games and animation to comic books, cinema and television shows with creative studios. Overall, the company’s mission is to harness the power of decentralization and technology abundant in crypto to bring its fans’ visions of the future to life.

The studio is launched with three main divisions, namely ‘Humankind Studios’, ‘The Humankind Foundation’ and ‘Blockchain, Technology and Decentralization’. In turn, they focus on producing good art and content and providing artists with a basic income. And finally building a platform for people to contribute their art and tell stories.

Pablo and Marian, founders of the project, said: “Humanity aims to bring images of a warm, humane and compassionate future. These visions stem from our concerns about our future as a species. We believe that we can solve human problems only by working together. First, we need to think and discuss what is worth striving for by accepting the community’s dreams and opinions.

You can visit or follow their website for more information about Mankind. Twitter.

Who is Pablo Stanley?

Pablo Stanley is the artist and creative director behind many of NFT’s projects. Among projects like Blush.design, Bueno, Carbon Health and more than ten open source demo libraries, Robotos stands out and the project has a floor of 0.19 ETH.

In general, all the collections that he has worked on have gathered up to 5 million fans and users around the world.

Stanley has a children’s TV show produced by TIME Studios, Emmy Award-winning television, and the film division of TIME magazine.

His verified Twitter account hosts over 103,000 followers, including Gary Vaynerchuk, founder of FEWOCiOUS and Cool Cats.

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