What is Blocklords? And how to earn money playing it

The highly-anticipated medieval strategy massively multiplayer online (MMO) game has unleashed blocky characters, epic battles, and immersive drama. A genre-defining grand strategy game from Metaking Studios, Blocklords introduces players to a universe where the actions of the player characters, other players, and the medieval world around them have an impact.

An engaging multiplayer-to-earn (P2E) game, Blocklords gives players the freedom to play however they want. It’s a different world where players drive the story by deciding the fate of their heroes through their gameplay skills. Blocklords is not only fun-filled, but also allows players to earn cash while immersing themselves in nerve-wracking activities like capturing an enemy stronghold or winning a round of fencing.

This article reveals information about Blocklords gameplay and how to get it along with other interesting facts.

Blocklords introduction

Blocklords was released in October 2019 by Metaking Studios as a fictional, historical themed game. In the year In 2022, Blocklords was released as the first MMO game supported by Seascape Network.

Founders David Johansson and Nicky Lee want to create a world where every player has full control over their heroes (the characters that represent the players in the game) and earns a living while playing. As a play-to-play crypto game, Blocklords mixes the on-boarding process of new players, creating heroes based on their chosen character.

How to play Blocklords

Blocklords offers a player-driven narrative designed for all types of players, allowing them to play the game however they want. In this play-to-find strategy game, players are empowered to shape the world around them at any level, experience whatever they choose, and own their digital assets.

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Players start as peasants, move up as Knights/Raiders, Lords/Ladies and eventually become King/Queen, the highest rank in the game. Whether the player chooses to enjoy the life of a king or queen or wants to be a simple farmer, Blocklords has a lot of experiences as a unique grand strategy game. Players are free to choose their own legacies for their heroes and enjoy the game the way they want.

Blocklords game has the following parts:


Block characters are created as heroes, digital assets owned by the user upon creation. Heroes display unique individual stats and attributes. As the player progresses through the game, their hero’s character will evolve, ultimately determining their path. Gameplay choices depend on the player’s role. A player’s utility in Blocklord is based on their effort and skill in the game.

Heroes in the Blocklords game

Heroes have limited lifespans and must carry on their legacy. The dynasty feature on Blocklords allows the player to pass down the unique traits and characteristics of their heroes to the next generation. The feature allows the heroes to live regardless of their fate. The game allows the players to exchange heroes for the desired characters which adds to the fun.


Blocklords Universe requires a constant supply of resources to succeed. This provision is ensured by farmers who perform activities such as gathering, mining, processing and producing various materials to generate income. When a player joins Blocklords, they start out as a farmer, unless they are a character.

Farmers in Blocklords game

Farmers can choose a region controlled by a Lord or Lady to settle in. Lords/ladies form teams, compete in battles, the ultimate winner becomes king/queen. Playing as a farmer, players work, harvest and build houses on farms. He can rent more farmers from other players to get helping hands, but remember that they also eat food. To give a bonus to a village, one can place the recruits in the buildings.

In farms, players have many ways to earn rewards. These include managing animals and livestock, trading in markets, and crafting goods that are better than others. Cooperating with other players helps the players to get more rewards.


Players who have accumulated enough wealth can leave their farm and choose to become a Raider or Knight. Bandits are mercenaries who attack peasants at will, pillage villages, and steal wealth from lords. These activities have a certain time limit, but if the players play correctly, they can get big rewards.

Knights are paid associates of the Lord. Their job is to defend the farmers and villages and kill any invaders they encounter. Their bravery against the raiders earns them a handsome profit and allows them to advance through the ranks. A Knight with enough wealth can opt for a new role.


Successful gamers can take on the roles of lords and ladies with a unique set of duties and responsibilities. Lords and ladies control large estates. Their actions directly affect the territory they rule. They collect taxes and resources from peasants, pay wages and rewards to Knights, and develop infrastructure.

Lords and ladies make efficient use of their resources such as knights, peasants and lands and build cities into dynamic centers of trade and commerce. They must protect their settlements from invaders and rival lords. The presence of skilled knights and peasants is key to their success. You can also form alliances with other lords and ladies.


Lords and Mistresses who conquer the path like others can reach the title of King or Queen, the final rank in the Blocklords. It is up to the buyers whether they rule with equity or with an iron fist. The Crown is responsible for managing the currency, trade agreements, armed forces and territories. A king or queen can also initiate or participate in actual battles.

A Blocklords fortress

Maps in Blocklord are dynamic and change with the tide of battle. The choice of a king or queen deeply affects all their subjects. Because their decisions greatly affect the universe in Blocklord, they must use their power wisely. Smart rulers use diplomacy when faced with challenges and go to war only when they have no choice.

How to get on Blocklords

Blocklords is designed for hardcore game lovers who want to have a hair-splitting experience in a shared universe. Players can experience the adrenaline rush by playing Blocklords. In-game heroes are economic assets in Bloords, whose income can be earned through activities such as fighting bandits, winning battles, supporting allies, farming, and trading.

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The game has a player-owned economy that rewards players regardless of their role. For example, the player can collect unique items and trade them for a good profit. Heroes who show amazing leadership skills and win battles will get their hands on special items that can be instantly turned into earning opportunities.

Invincible Tokens (NFT) that can be sold on Blocklords Heroes can be sold on any marketplace. Block gameplay allows players to insert NFTs into the game and initiate battles to control territory. Using their gaming skills, they level up their heroes, send NFTs out of the game and then sell them on any decentralized marketplace.

Crowns (CWS) is an ERC-20 token used to purchase items in Bloor. The CWS token was introduced by Seascape Network, a fostering ecosystem of players, developers and influencers. Each recharge in the game is distributed as fractions among all token providers, a feature called Paywave. 10 percent of the total supply of 10,000,000 CWS is allocated to the community.

The future of Blocklords

Strategy games have limited player pools. From the classic game of chess to Blocklords, strategy games have filled the domain with excitement and competition. The advent of blockchain has led to games having a user-driven economy where players can earn revenue from their in-game activities.

Blocklords combines strategy and massive gameplay. What makes the game amazing is that both beginners and experienced players can enjoy the game to the fullest. You start as a farmer, and as you gain skills and experience, you progress through ranks such as Knights/Raiders, Lords/Ladies, and finally Kings/Queens.

Along the way, players will learn social skills like team building and engagement, so Blocklords will not only bring awesome combat battles, but also help one learn life-enhancing things. Due to its many features, Blocklords can be considered a standard and torch bearer for upcoming strategy games.

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