Why LUNC Is Rising – 1.2% Token Burn, Terra Classic Price Prediction

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Done. The Terra Luna Classic has officially reached an all-time high. After the Terra disaster, many gave hope to this sign. But there were those on his side who longed to hold the line and make big gains. Now their efforts and patience have paid off.

So why is LUNC increasing – is it just because of the recently introduced 1.2% token burn tax or is there something else? Let’s examine the answer to this question and make our own Terra Classic price predictions based on today’s bullish ecosystem.

LUNC is defying all expectations.

It wasn’t the first time LUNC showed these trends in the last ten days. Some small pressures and small pumps make us think that it is easy. “Reverse design is on the way” – we thought. And so our crypto fears are warranted.

It was pouring and got a little overboard, which is common when the overly bullish, overly optimistic crypto crowd favors cryptocurrency. But Terra LUNA Classic goes above and beyond. Now, the crypto has a market capitalization of $ 2 billion, $ 500 million, which has gained in the last two or three days.

Part of the reason is the recent flaming crypto tax.

LUNC has had two shocking news in the past three days. One was LUNC V2 which introduced crypto staking, and the other was introducing 1.2% token burning fees.

After suffering millions of dollars in losses after the Terra disaster, crypto holders left with their wallets decided to #burnluna campaign. The token ran into hyperinflation that caused Luna to collapse due to a die-off, and the public wanted to limit supply. He started saying # burning Campaign.

It was initiated by the crypto crowd asking Do Quo to provide a burn address to send their tokens to be burned. Kwon obliged, but not without saying that doing so was a waste of time. “Basically you’re burning money,” he tweeted.

But the community decided not to release this and started sending millions of tokens to the addresses every day. To date, the community has burned over 3 trillion LUNA tokens.

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Another update is now on the way Terra Classic 1.2, and with it, the 1.2% distance A fire tax was introduced. The date of this update is September 12th.Th2022.

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Your capital is at risk.

FOMO is now ruling the board.

You may be itching to get those green candles, but you better hold your horses. According to crypto YouTuber Jacob CryptoBarry, it’s all FOMO at this point. Watch the full video here:

The LUNC Classic is going in the opposite direction, so it’s better to enjoy the event than many crypto experts think. Against all odds, it’s starting to grow. How long does this last? All will be determined by the date the 1.2 update finally arrives on the central exchanges. Should you buy LUNA? It depends on what you believe. LUNA is a classic community crypto, and the crowd is rallying behind it. There is a high possibility that the price will go up after the update.

In fact, at this point there is talk of LUCN reaching $0.0005 in a few days.

That said, be careful with your investments.

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