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press release. Web3 communications aggregator KNN3 Network has announced it has raised $2.4M in a seed round led by HashGlobal and former Fosun International founder Ling Xinjun. Musk Network, Metaweb Ventures, Eniac Ventures, Tess Ventures, Stratified Capital, Fundamental Labs, Incuba Alpha, Zuz Ventures, Cogitant Ventures, Atlas Capital; Impossible Finance, RSS3, ShowMe and Yan Xin & Potter Li, co-founders of eTCSing also participated in the round. KNN3 Network will use the $2.4M grant for protocol development and product market suitability.

From these struggles and pains with information isolation and cross-platform redundancy, it can be agreed that a holistic solution to empathy is the only way forward. With such confidence, these investors decided to support the KNN3 network, a multi-chain connection aggregation and decentralized world.

View of the KNN3 network

After a paradigm shift, developers of decentralized applications are now at the center of Web3, bringing peer-to-peer transactions to the world and a count of optimized state changes.

“As smart contracts and distributed virtual state machines underpin blockchains, decentralized WWW solutions give ownership to users and bring democracy back to the web.” KNN3 Network co-founder Thomas Yu said. “However, there is a need to continue updating Web3 knowledge to generate more flexible and innovative ideas. Without permission-based cross-platform data collaboration, individual applications operate in silos. For example, the web3 flywheel fails to set the crypto universe in motion. Therefore, it is important to have a more sophisticated protocol for reusing Web3 data. As a multi-chain communication aggregation protocol for dApps and analytics, the KNN3 network perfectly fulfills that role.

What is KNN3 Network?

KNN3 Network provides Web3 Graph solutions for interactions across multiple blockchain universes to power social dApps and AI analytics. It aims to be a community-driven data protection protocol that enables on-chain data collaboration.

The team believes there is a connection by turning users’ footprints into related links and creating meanings, said Thomas Yu.“The team is excited to be a part of the Web3 wave and looks forward to KNN3 Network getting the ball rolling.”

If a user is a web3 app developer, they can easily retrieve the rich interaction data of web3 users using KNN3’s high-performance GraphQL. The KNN3 network collects and compiles a number of traffic volumes based on users’ historical behavior and ranking.

If a user is a Web3 analyst, KNN3 allows them to run structural and relational queries in one place. Additionally, it provides SQL-style graph query components for any SQL-compatible BI/analytics platforms to integrate with their existing query services. Moreover, algorithm developers can build and train their AI/ML algorithms with KNN3’s Graph Computing Environment Solutions.

Unauthorized cross-platform data collaboration solutions

Although AI analytics tools allow people to extract value from data on separate platforms, these applications often operate in isolation. As such apps segment the market, users navigate a more complex environment. In short, it lacks integrated middleware to enable advanced Web3 use cases. As Thomas Yu explained “The company wants to push forward without compromising the core values ​​of crypto, namely integration and plug-and-play. KNN3 Network provides such one-stop solutions for on-chain dApps. Compared to traditional social-fi dApps embedded in SaaS (Software as a Service), KNN3 provides a decentralized network-as-a-service (DAAS) and a trustless protocol that features true censorship resistance.

Use cases

In its current iteration, the KNN3 network provides Web 3DAP with data solutions for social discovery and user empowerment. In particular, some dApps have already helped to increase their value – providing Quest3 with a virtual credential service, which is the basic architecture of Quest3’s on-chain search system, used to verify that a Web3 user is qualified to complete a specific task. Provides MetaMail and Shorum with social graphs. To encourage users to connect with more friends with just one click, KNN3 provides a trustless analytics environment for user recommendation algorithms based on real-time chain data.

It also provides AI-friendly solutions for algorithmic archiving. KNN3’s easy-to-use graph database and open algorithms allow users to independently select algorithms and establish an open platform for submitting their algorithms. In the future, the KNN3 network aims to be a data collaboration building block to power hybrid-dApp, SocialFi, open AIs, etc.

Target customers

KNN3’s network of licenseless connection abstraction solutions and virtual credential services mainly target SocialFin, on-chain credit protocols and Web3 campaign tools. The KNN3 network also provides ecosystem tools for analytics platforms to expand their databases to include Web3 multi-chain correlation data. KNN3 Network’s vision is to enable NFT/DAO/GameFi promoters to onboard more Web3 users by providing a better on-slope experience through profiling/enabling tool kits. It also enables Web3 dApp developers to deliver a better Web3 social experience with multiple chain graph solutions.

About the KNN3 network

KNN3 is a web3 chain cross-connection that enables social discovery and user empowerment. KNN3 Network provides web3 multi-channel connectivity integration graph solutions to power social d/Ap and AI analytics. KNN3 aims to be a community-driven data protection protocol for on-chain data collaboration.

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