Wood smells to start the first NFT subscription

Digital luxury fragrance brand, Woody Scents, is about to launch the world’s first NFT perfume subscription. Basically, NFT holders get one of the brand’s fragrances once every six months for a year. With this unique initiative, Scents of Wood is bringing the perfume and NFT world under one roof. Let’s take a closer look at what Perfume NFT Registration is all about.

Wooden black fragrance bottle NFT perfumes
Wood Scents will share more details about the drop soon. Credit: Wood Scents

About Wood Fragrance NFT Subscription

Founded in September 2020, Wood Scents is a direct-to-consumer luxury fragrance brand that produces fragrances inspired by forests and trees. Created by expert perfumers at IFF, high-quality fragrances are aged in wooden barrels.

The subscription model differentiates the company from other luxury players in the space. Only 500 of these limited editions are available per month. Every month, the brand releases a new luxury fragrance available as a scent and a candle. In total, 17 signature scents are released each year. Now, Wood Scents is ready to launch NFT.

“The key to our growth success is the community of subscribers, customers, bloggers and friends around our brand,” he says. website. “And this NFT looks like the next step in growing and empowering that community. We have a very clear roadmap for our brand that we wrote in our business plan long before we launched our first product.

However, Perfumes of Wood is yet to announce the specific details of the NFT perfume subscription. With the upcoming drop, the brand is joining others who have launched their own NFTs. for example, Crigler has discontinued special NFTs The perfume rental program last year.

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