Woodies NFT Collection Announces Movie: Woodies Origins

Woodies, the Ethereum-based NFT collection and Web3 entertainment brand, is releasing a new short film on YouTube called ‘Woodies Origin’. With that, they consider themselves the “Pixar of web3”.

Origin of wood
Taken from the ‘Woodies Origin’ movie preview.

“The origin of Woody” movie

To clarify, the Woodies are re-establishing themselves as Web3 legends in their new short film titled ‘Woodies Origin’. The new film NFT represents how art can be turned into films in a classic style. The 3-minute long film is a journey through Woody’s unique and mysterious origin story.

Arden is the last tree left in a grove after a logger cut down all of Arden’s tree friends. Then, with the help of a magical guardian earth spirit, the mother tree, Arden, becomes woody, mobile, and free to begin a search and rescue mission to find his friends and stop the loggers.

Indeed, Richard Powazinski, founder of Woodys, said: “Story permeates everything we do, and storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication. As a purpose-driven project with an environmental focus, it made sense that Woodys would have a strong history.

He added: “The short film Woodies Origin is helping us tell our story in a new and exciting way, bringing our beloved characters to life and allowing more viewers to become a part of the Woodies world.”

Also, the teaser of the film is available here via Woody’s YouTube channel.

About the collection

The Woodies Generative is a 9,739-piece Woodies NFT collection launched in September 2021. Currently, the pool is sitting at a floor price of 0.07 ETH on OpenSea. It reached a high of 2.1 ETH (average price) near the beginning. Brought to life by an art team consisting of concepts by Des Lucres, base designs by Jae-838, and styling by fine artist Gossamer Rosen. Additionally, each Woodie is a randomly generated mix of over 900 features, making each a unique 1-in-1 design.

In general, when it was launched, it was sold out in 30 minutes. The non-profit Trees for the Future project planted 1,000,000 trees. Their donation of 73.824 ETH (currently $217,000) is one of the top 10 NFT charitable donations.

The Woodys community grew rapidly. It has been noted as an inspiring force of collectors and contributors with a shared mission to experience and preserve the outdoors. They share the vision of the project’s developer, UltraDAO, a decentralized collective created for artists. Together, they identified the need for the Web3 brand to start with a whole story and world-building capabilities. This will be followed by more entertainment content that will drive added value to the project’s unbending story arc.

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