XRP Price Prediction 2023: Coin Talker Advent Calendar:

XRP has the right fundamentals to chart a bullish path in 2023, and traders will be better off managing their expectations properly.

Welcome, dear readers, to today’s Coin Speaker Advent Calendar with a special focus on the XRP coin. Out of the thousands of digital currencies available today, few have a unique history that sets them apart from their peers. XRP is one of these cryptocurrencies, a payment digital currency that is among the oldest in the blockchain world.

XRP is intended to serve as a complementary digital payment token for blockchain payment service provider Ripple Labs Inc.

The coin’s existence has been overwhelming for US regulators, which has so far posed a challenging limit to the coin’s growth. While the crypto industry has been badly damaged by central banks raising interest rates to curb inflation, XRP has had its own significant headwinds that have added to its lagging growth.

The cryptocurrency is currently changing hands at $0.389, down 89.88% from its all-time high of $3.84. The graph below shows a summary of the XRP coin trend for the past 12 months.

Coin Talker Advent Calendar: XRP Price Prediction 2023

As shown above, XRP has reached a low of $0.2906 from a high of $1 near the beginning of the year. Despite this drop, XRP has maintained a dedicated community, and people interested in investing in the coin next year, here are the critical price points to expect in the months of the coming year;

  • January 2023: $0.3100
  • February 2023: $0.4000
  • March 2023: $1
  • April 2023: $1.2000
  • May 2023: $1.5000
  • June 2023: $1.7000
  • July 2023: $2.0000
  • August 2023: $2.2000
  • September 2023: $1.8000
  • October 2023: $2.5000
  • November 2023: $2.6000
  • December 2023: $2.0000

Proof of the proposed price of XRP

There is a special reason for the huge rise expected in March next year. The reason for this is that the ongoing case between Ripple and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) may come to an end in favor of the blockchain payments company.

If the ongoing securities lawsuit ends in Ripple’s favor, XRP is likely to experience a renaissance in how investors perceive the digital asset. Although Ripple argued that the coins were used as payment tokens, the regulator said the coins were sold to investors as unregistered securities.

A precedent is bound to be set here and if it is in favor of Ripple it will serve as a positive reference for the wider industry. Although the timeline for the decision is still unknown, Ripple has scored some important victories against the SEC and many are expecting a victory in the lawsuit.

Remember, the opposite will also be true if Ripple loses its charge and investors put the coin on their watch list, so caution should also be taken for events that may not go as planned.

The coming year holds many exciting yet elusive trends for the digital currency ecosystem. XRP has a strong position in the industry and the ecosystem is tight, one of the advantages of the coin is that it has been able to survive through many ups and downs.

In conclusion, XRP has the right fundamentals to chart a bright path in 2023, and traders will be better off managing their expectations properly. Stay tuned for the next installment of the Coin Speaker Advent Calendar.

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