Y00ts NFT collection makes 190k votes in less than 24 hours

After many delays, the Y00ts NFT collection had a ginger last night, and the stats are amazing. In less than 24 hours, the most popular and secretive project has collected more than 190 thousand SOL (about 6.1 million USD)! Amazingly, it sits at the top of the audio charts on OpenSea at a price of 160 SOL ($4,900 USD).

This means that the amount of Y00ts for 24 hours is more than the total amount of BAYC for the previous seven days. Significantly, this is without a full NFT specification confirming the popularity of the new project. After several mint delays, Y00ts is now live, and this is just the beginning.

CryptoSlam volume chart image with Y00ts NFT collection
Y00ts has over $6 million in trades in the first 24 hours!

What is the Y00ts NFT collection?

Y00ts is a new NFT collection from the successful Solana-based DeGods project team. Comprised of 15,000 NFTs, they aim to dominate the space and change how we view NFT intellectual property rights. The past month has seen incredible construction for the project, and they have become the talk of social media.

The project is unique and secret. One interesting aspect that has helped the project to gain momentum is a creative license archive named ‘Yotlist Scholarship’ and an associated Twitter page. Tweets regularly show who has been approved on the whitelist and add a new dimension to the process.

Additionally, the Y00ts team also announced a second NFT collection called T00bs. T00bs provides another entry into the Y00ts ecosystem and adds value to the overall project.

Y00ts NFT Collecting Has Volume Over $6 Million In 24 Hours!

According to data from Crypto Slam, the Web3 data specialists, Y00ts had an amazing first 24 hours. On the opening day, there was a mad rush in the NFT world to buy one of these NFTs.

Y00ts are now trading at 160 SOL. In the first six hours, it topped the seven-day trading volume charts on OpenSea!

If you look at the sales volume, the Y00ts NFT stock Mint is a huge success. However, there were one or two speed bumps along the way. What’s more, many people still have trouble trying to conceive.

This evening, @Y00tsNFT tweeted, “We are giving the waiting list a 24 hour head start. As of now, everyone trying to debug and finding bugs is still working hard to make sure their issues are resolved. It is very fair. solution”

Y00ts NFT collection logo image
Free Mint Y00ts NFT price is now 160 SOL.

Problems and delays with Free NFT Mint

The Y00ts NFT batch was scheduled to be released on September 5th. However, shortly before minting, the team announced that it had discovered a ‘blocker bug’ in the NFT contract.

Y00ts founder and DeGods creator @frankdegods, tweeted an apology on September 5th. “I’m disappointed in myself and our team, but I’m not worried,” he said. Not all of our plans have changed today, it’s just a stark wake-up call about how hard it is to fix this delay problem.

Two days later, the project is now live, and we’ve seen huge FOMO for the Free Mint project. In the coming weeks, and as NFTs are revealed, we’ll see how Y00ts fit in and move forward. However, with people still trying to generate it, it’s not the best start for the Y00ts NFT collection.

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